Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pet day.

Today was the amazing pet day and I brought my awesome dog molly.

When we got there we started doing the agility race, Molly zoomed like a plane over the seat through the hoop, zig zagged threw the cones and came zooming back to the finish , we had won.

I was very proud of Molly she is a super dooper dog.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The cool story.

Travis, Liam and Ben are at the skate park.  Travis goes scootering up to the ramp tries to do a brie flip but he gets nailed and lands on the ramp.
Then Ben and Liam go up to the ramp and also get smashed and land on each other.

They decide to go get a drink so they scooter to the dairy.  When they get to the dairy they order there stuff, well they are waiting they see a guy do a brie flip on the tv 'wow' says travis 'thats so cool' said liam then there drinks came and they scootered back to the skate park.

When they got to the skate park they all went at the same time and they all made. They finished off there drinks and there food and scootered back to Ben's house for the night and they watch tuns of movies.

The next day they get up and scooter back to the skate park to do some tricks. They see some kids trying to do a brie flip but they keep on getting nailed.

Liam,Ben and Travis go over and show the kids how to do a brie flip one of the kids goes zooming up to the ramp does a brie flip and makes it all the other kids start chering and start doing brie flips. Liam, Travis and Ben scootered home to there houses.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maths bingo

Maths bingo is a app on the ipad and it is to help you with your maths. Maths bingo cost a 1.99$ and I think we should get it.
It is good for basic facts recall and help x tables and divsion, but it might be to easy for some people so I don't think everybody should have it.

I  think that it is good for your brain, so that is why maths bingo is good.

Reflective post

In are class we are doing rocket spelling it is to make your spelling better.
The purpose  is to get your spelling skills better.
I want to get up to level 20.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Border Terriers.
I strongly believe that families should have Boarder terriers because they are a fun loving dog that are very play full.

Firstly, Border Terriers  are a small dog so if you have a big family they would be a dog for you because they don’t take up much room. They have lots of energy so they need exercise, Apart from that they are a very calm  and cool dog. Did you know that Border Terriers were found between Scotland and England.

Secondly Boarder Terriers will run till they drop so they will run for 2 hours or more they are a very loyal dog that will do anything for a treat. Did you know that you pull Border Terriers hair out by hand.

Lastly facts about border Terriers. Border Terriers weight about 7-10 kg. There height  is 37-50cm. The farmers in Scotland used them to kill foxes and other small pests, they would follow behind the horses too. So that is the Border terriers history.

In conclusion I strongly believe that you should get a Border Terrier and if that hasn't persuaded you I don’t know what will.

By Ben Wylie.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reflective learning post week 4 term 4.

 In room 8 we have got something called a Knowledge board and we have got word wizz practice and you do practice writing and skills for writing. The purpose is so you can spell better.
I want to get better at using commas.